kenari Lounge

Fit for 30 pax with over than 3000 selection of songs in different languages and newly improved sound system.Kenari lounge promises an enjoyable quality time for members and non members with terms and regulations. Registrations and booking can be done at the reception counter.


Operating Hours:
11.00am – 11.00pm (open daily)
Rates & Charges :
Members,Spouse and Children below 21 years old :

Member’s Guest and Children above 21 years old :
RM 10.00 (per room for first 2 hours)
*Additional RM5.00 (per hour for subsequent hour)

RM 10.00 (per room for first 2 hours)

Weekdays :
RM100 (per room for first 4 hours)
RM50 (per room for subsequent hour)

Weekends & Public Holiday :
RM150 (per room for first 4 hours)
RM75 (per room for subsequent hour)

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