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Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27 -1)

1.1 Beyond the boundary of the course.

1.2 The margins of out of bounds are defined by white stakes or lines.

1.3 On the left of toles 1,3,5,6,7,14,15,18,17,19,25,28,27.On the right of Hole 2.

1.4 Hole 9: On or beyond the road behind the green.

1.5 Hole 18. On or beyond the buggy-track an the left. In the Driving Range on the right. Practice-area behind

Note: Where bah Stirkes and lines are present, the lines defines the OB.


2. Water Hazard (Rule 26)

2.1 The margins of Pater hazards are defined by yellow StOkOS or lines.

2.2 The margins of lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes or lines.

Note: Where both slakes and Ines are Resent, the line defines the margin of the Hazard.


3. Ground Under Repair (Rule 25-1)

3.1 Areas enclosed by white lines.

3.2 Bare areas in bunkers caused by ran erosion

3.3 French drains and ant-hills.

3.4 Deep tire ruts.

3.5 Bare patches within one club length on each side of buggy tracks.


4. Movable Obstructions (Rule 24-1)

4.1 Distance markers ft hazard stakes

4.2 Stares & pebbles in bunkers


5. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24-2)

5.1 Plants marked by white paint or supported by stakes.

5.2 All roads and cart-paths including extensions and adjoining drams.

5.3 Bridges, distance-markers, concrete sumps, sprinkler heads, water monbiol valves,exposed drainage-pipes, sand container, lamp-posts and electrical boxes.


6. Protective Fence behind Hole 3 and 16

If the protective fence interferes with the players stance or area of swing or intervenes on his line of play, the player may tift the ball without penalty and drop in The nearer of the two drop-zones set up on either side of the fence.


7. Embedded Ball Through The Green (Rule 25- 2)

Through the green, a ball which Is embedded in its own pitch mary in the ground, other than sand, may be Med without penalty, cleaned and dropped.


8. Edging Grooves Around The Green

If a ball lies on an edging grove around a putting green, it may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and placed out of the edging groove in the nearest position to where it lay, whether on or off the putting green, which is not nearer the hole.


9. Integral Part Of The Course

9.1 Flower-aeds.

9.2 The wooden sleepers lining the bunker beside 18th green.


10. Drop Zone

Drop-zones are provided as additional options to Rule 26 at Hole 6, 8, 9,8 11.

Match Play - Loss of Hole. Stroke May-Two stakes

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